Movie Ratings, Mormonism and Morality

As a filmmaker, part of learning my craft involves watching the productions of others in the field. A lot can be learned about filmmaking by watching films (even poorly made ones).

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ive had to deal with some unusual attitudes in regard to movies and the seemingly arbitrary rating systems with which they may be distributed..

After doing a great deal of research, and discussing the matter with other filmmakers and movie fans, I wrote an essay on the topic of movie ratings and how they are perceived by people of faith (“Mormons" in particular).

Here are some thoughts by online reviewers:

...this book is a fascinatingly coherent, respectful and articulate look into one of the many "peculiar" aspects of [Mormonism]. The author's view is a refreshingly frank message of a self-determined judgment a[s] it pertains to appropriate content... The nature of a well-balanced film demands a certain level of polarization. In order to truly communicate beauty, love and goodness there must be a measure of ugly bitterness and evil...

The quality of this book is in the research. Great quotes from well-respected LDS leaders both in the church and in the film community…

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